Server for friendly players

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Server for friendly players

Post by Spybreak »

Hi at all,

I have a server that i will open for other players. The Server version is 1.7.10 with forge and shadersmod and its a survival server.

I create a folder on googledrive were you can download all the mods that are used. ... sp=sharing

!!Be sure that the file "TexturenPaketBase" is over the "" file in your ressourcelist, because of getting the best of Bomes o´Plenty textures of the first file loaded and just the rest for this mod from the secound file!!

here you can download it.

It includes also the texture packs that we are using. Also for the Mods that are used.
I put the shaders also inside.
This combinaten looks beautiful.

The server is very fast and has a beautiful landscape. I dont wont to protect all the places so it is nessesary to write me an Email to get on the Whitelist.
Write a small Email to: [email protected] with your name and a little bit about your person.
I will write you back and put you on as soon as possible =) Then you will get also the Server IP

We are looking only for players that can play with respect and dont destroy and steel things from others, so i want to know who is playing on.
We play in an easy way. So search for a place and build what you want, so that everyone on the server can take a look through his Vive on what you build.

Its also not nessasary to talk all the time or what ever. Do what you want, but do it with respect.

If there want to play more people than it can take i will raise the player slots. You dont have to pay something or whatever.

Just have a little bit fun togher.

About us:

We are from Germany and we are both 34 years old.
Where are you from doesn´t matter as long as you want fun and respect other players.

Be welcome if you want to follow the rules.

PS: I make savebacks of the server so if something went really wrong we can put it back.

Greetings and a big thanks to jrbudda
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Re: Server for friendly players

Post by fennec »

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Re: Server for friendly players

Post by madisoncarr »

I once found one site, here it is - I am very used to it and there is no point in looking for something else. For me it's a couple of clicks and the video or photo I need is already downloaded to my device. It is simple and understandable. Maybe someday insta will make its own functionality so that you don't have to use third-party resources.)
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