jrbudda please help: Vivecraft for b-day party?

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jrbudda please help: Vivecraft for b-day party?

Post by nuclearfuels »

HI Jrbudda!

I'm trying to set up a Vivecraft b-day party for my son. Can you help me do that? I think if I follow these steps, I'll be ready:

Buy Vivecraft, buy several google Cardboard VR viewers, ask my sons' friends to bring their phones, we'll then put on the viewers and play Vivecraft.

Are there any steps I'm missing?

And which version of MineCraft is the most compatible with Vivecraft? s 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11, 1.11.2?

Thanks from DC!

jrbudda please help: Vivecraft for b-day party?
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Re: jrbudda please help: Vivecraft for b-day party?

Post by gigafunk »

No one answered because you seem a little unprepared. This is not simple. You need a good pc for each kid. you need minecraft for each kid. the pc version. you need to get minecraft running with the mod that allows you to use a phone, and then with vivecraft. vivecraft is free because , well these people are freakin angels of nerd mercy. oh and i am assuming the phones need to have decent displays and cpus, is there going to be the two sad kids whos phones dont work? because you will have to get the phone viewwer mod thing to work on each phone.

So this is all do able but no one is going to lay it out in one easy page. If your in Los angeles you can pay me to come set up your stuff. lol

we are not tthere yet. VR is still something for people that want to get a little into it and the surround tech. Its like the 70-early 80's with pcs.

Just want you to understand these people are not jerks...you are just asking ALOT.
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