Does this work for nitrado?

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Does this work for nitrado?

Post by CookieFan »

I really need to know, and how to install the things with it.
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Re: Does this work for nitrado?

Post by Romaq »

I saw you didn't get an answer back on this yet. I'm not clear if Nitrado allows 1.13.2 or if they force "current release." I used Nitrado for an Ark: Survival Evolved server, and I am happy with what Nitrado provided. But Ark is a WAY different beast from a Minecraft server, so I can't support you on that.

What I can tell you is that I could use ViveCraft on *Realms,* which allows NO server modding at all. What I could *NOT* do with ViveCraft on Realms was use any of the ViveCraft "movement" features as I was not OP on the server. Also, while I couldn't test it, I don't *think* anyone with the ViveCraft non-3d viewer would be able to see anything I did. So if you accept that, your ViveCraft 1.13.2 CLIENT should work on any VANILLA 1.13.2 SERVER just fine.

That said, I am waiting for the ViveCraft 1.14. … whatever number the Vanilla release gets to by the time ViveCraft can release a match. I am using another service provider which lets me install whatever Spigot I want (currently 1.14.2) with whatever plugins I want. When I can GET there, I plan to try out the ViveCraft plugin and try to get the others on my server to play with the ViveCraft non-3d client, and see how things go. If you are interested in the results, I'd be glad to get back to you on that. If Nitrado does the job for you, I'd be glad to hear that also, though in a PM so nobody need get cranky over advertising in the wrong forum. And if you'd like to learn about the provider I'm using through a PM, I'm ok with that too. But my main concern is helping you achieve ViveCraft-age with the version you want to play and within what service you have to use.

Good luck. :)
-- Romaq, Copper FerretCraft
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